Fitness Services

Personal Training

Specialist Services

Specialist Services


1:1 or workout with a friend. Your time, your goals, your dedicated training, advice  and support.

At times which work for your busy lifestyle

Totally private - no-one watching, no queues, no gym membership! Your gym, your goals, your workout - even your music!

Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Specialist Services


Pregnant? Recently given birth? Or are you living with a medical condition?

The appropriate type and level of activity can support and benefit certain medical conditions. As a Level 3 specialist, I will help you actively manage your situation and increase your overall well-being

Learn to Run Programmes

Small Group Training & Bootcamp

Small Group Training & Bootcamp


Want to join the phenomenon of parkrun? Love the idea of running a 5k or 10k but don't know where to start? This is for you! 

Running is fun - its just we often have a tough introduction to it. Come and learn to run (and chat!) in a group of like-minded people! 

Small Group Training & Bootcamp

Small Group Training & Bootcamp

Small Group Training & Bootcamp


Do you prefer to work out in a group? Join a small group exercise class.

30 minute sessions for max 4 people. Think you can't achieve fitness in a short time, try this!

Got a group of friends who would like this? Contact me to create your own training class

Or join us every Tuesday & Thursday morning in Thakeham at 6.30am for a 45 minute workout

Personal Training


Your investment in your health

The ultimate way to get fit and strong. Invest in your health to ensure you train in the most effective way to achieve your health goals

Truly personal, training 1:1 is about you, training for you, advice tailored to the way you live and maximising your time. 

Or if you want the benefits but enjoy training with a friend, then share the session. Goals and exercises still focus on what you need, you benefit from a more cost effective solution and you can encourage (or heckle) each other! 

1:1 and 2:1 training is available in a number of formats to meet your needs. 


Depending on your goals and timeframe, your training package can be tailored to your needs

  • Sessions can be 30 mins or an hour or more....
  • You can train with a friend to reduce the cost and increase the fun...
  • Have a session every now and then to keep you on track...
  • Or train several times per week for maximum impact and fast results...

The more you train, the more cost effective it can be and of course the more effective your results! 

The choice is yours! Contact me to see how this can work for you!



Thakeham Village Hall & Playing Fields

Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Wake up and workout before the day really starts!

No pressure, great group of friendly people so you can chat as you workout. Encouragement and enthusiasm rather than military style...

You'll feel good all day and you won't have to summon up the energy to workout after a long day!

Start now! Monthly options - once per week or more...

learn to run


Running Programmes

Motivated by the amazing stories from parkrun? Inspired to complete a 5k or 10k but just don't know where to start?  Have you tried to run before and decided its not for you?

Most of us can recall a running experience which we might say was less than fun! Whether it was cold wintery school cross-country sessions or a New Year resolution which ended in sweat and puffing at the end of the road. It doesn't have to be like that! 

Come and learn to run (and chat!) with a small group of like-minded people. We walk and run, building up stamina, aerobic capacity and running ability steadily over time. There's no pressure and no racing (unless you want to!), just similar people finding out that it can be fun to run! Dig out those trainers to take up the most time efficient way to stay healthy and fit


Can't run? Struggled with it before? Don't know where to start?  This programme is designed to take you from zero to a 5k parkrun in 6 weeks

It builds your running ability starting with walking! Yes - walking is an active element of the whole programme!

All you need are supportive trainers and the ability to walk briskly and without stopping for 20 minutes! Thats it! What are you waiting for? 


OK so you're a runner! You tackled and conquered 5k and now the idea of 10k is niggling away...

Join this programme to build your 5k base training and run 10k at the end of 8 weeks of steady training introducing new elements and techniques designed to ensure you progress steadily to reach 10k

Check out the feedback on facebook of runners who achieved their running goals recently

upcoming programmes



New Year - new running goal? 

If you can walk briskly, without stopping for 20 minutes, you can learn to run 5k. No pressure, no fixed pace, just steadily building capability on a run:walk programme finishing with a fun parkrun. Feel even better on your summer holiday after becoming a runner!


Take your running to the next level...

If you can run or jog consistently for 35-40 minutes, you're ready for the next step - building to 10K! 

Contact me if you are ready to take the next step!

Programme Details

Just £60 per person 

Run 3 times per week.

If you can't make a session or are on holiday, you'll be able to have the session content to do in your own time and still have online support

Run without pressure. 

We don't race or commit to times (unless you want to). Completion and enjoyment are our priorities


Initially in and around Billingshurst, we will also run along local trails, in local parks and on the South Downs Link and Way 

Specialist Services


Pre- and Postnatal Exercise

Pregnant or just had a baby? Congratulations!  

Being strong and healthy is critical for you and your baby but it can be hard to know what to do. 

After the baby arrives, you need time for the body to repair. Exercise can be introduced carefully following a steady plan back to pre-pregnancy. 

Bring your baby to train! No need for a babysitter.

I'm Level 3 qualified in Adapting Exercise for Pre- and Postnatal Clients so come and see me and together we will work out what you need at every step of the journey

Health Conditions

Exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise, can be helpful in managing your condition or symptoms

If you have completed your physiotherapy or are recommended by a medical practitioner to undertake physical activity, I can help

I can create and adapt exercise programmes for the following conditions: Anxiety, Asthma, Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Depression, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension, Joint Replacement Surgery, Stress, Mechanical Back Pain and Obesity 

Careful structured exercise can mitigate symptoms, build strength and increase well-being. Most importantly, it can help you have more control!

small group training


30 minute Fitness Class

Exercise can be fun and social when you are with friends! 

If time and money prevent the investment in 1:1 training or you just prefer short bursts of fun fitness with friends, grab 3 friends and you can have your own class, when it suits you! 

Turn up, work hard, 30 minutes later head home for a shower! Fitness made simple!

Sessions will include bodyweight, cardio, strength training. Straightforward exercises for time, specific rest periods and (importantly, for me anyway!) no rhythm or co-ordination required!