Fitness Services

Personal Training


Have the gym all to yourself! Workout 1:1 or with a friend. Your time, your goals, your dedicated training, advice  and support.

At times which work for your busy lifestyle

Prefer cardio, HIIT or strength training? Or just don't know which to choose? I'll help you work out what you like and what you need to achieve your goals

Learn to Run


Want to join the phenomenon of parkrun? Love the idea of running a 5k or 10k but don't know where to start? This is for you! 

Running is fun - it's just that sometimes  we have a tough introduction to it. Come and learn to run (and chat!) in a group of like-minded people! Dig out those trainers to take up the most cost and time effective way to stay healthy and active.

Specialist Services - Medical Health


Pre- & Post- Natal Exercise

Having a baby or just had a new bundle of joy? Look after your body so you can have the most healthy pregnancy. The appropriate exercise has so many benefits during pregnancy, birth and after your baby's arrival for you and your baby

Medical Conditions

Living with a specific medical condition? Increase your physical activity with a programme specifically adjusted for your condition. This may involve initially short sessions of very light activity to build strength or increase mobility or to develop physical functionality safely and under supervision

Small Group Training & Bootcamp


Do you prefer to work out with your friends? Create your own small group exercise class.

4-6 people, 30-45 mins. Think you can't achieve fitness in a short time, try this!


Join the bootcamp craze! 

Based in Thakeham, 6.30am every Tuesday and Thursday. 45 minutes full workout. 

Wake up, workout and smash the rest of your day!


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